Articles About My Artwork

  • Art Market Publication Basil Miami, December, 2011

  • Artful Vagabond: From Technical Creation to A Spiritual Dance, 2011

  • Whopple Freatured Artist, November, 2011

  • Zwanda: 48 Artists Book

  • Contemporary International Artists: Volume 2, 2011

  • Best of Artists Collector’s Edition, Kennedy Publication, 2011

  • Contemporary International Artists: Volume 1, 2010

  • Best of Figurative Painters, Kennedy Publication, 2010

  • Top Five Pastels in USA, Southwest Art Magazine, March, 2009

  • Pastel 100 Figurative, Pastel Journal, April, 2009

  • Best of American Pastel, Volume II, 2009

  • Warm-up Exercises, American Artist Magazine, August, 2008

  • Pastel 100 Still Life, Pastel Journal, March, 2007

  • The 21st Century Pastelist, Pastel Journal, August, 2007

  • Artist to Watch, Southwest Art, 2006


Articles I have Authored
I provide freelance writing services for a number of publications, as well as maintaining a blog on Russian and European art. Below is a list of some of the articles I have written.

  • The Palgrave Handbook of Artistic and Cultural Responses to War: Volume 2; Chapter: The Art of The Great Game:  Vasily Vereshchagin; published by Palgrave Macmillan, 2018

  • The Painter Provocateur, published by The Military History Quarterly, Spring 2018, pages 88-90.

  • Mihály Munkácsy: Painter-Prince, published by American Arts Quarterly, Winter 2016, pages 30-37.

  • The Art Treasures of Russia, Golf & Leisure Magazine, Jan. 2013

Museum Thesis
Motion & Meaning Thesis, Morris Graves Museum