Original Fine Art by San Francisco Based Artist Cathy Locke

Multitask. Multifunctional. Multidimensional. In this body of work I explore the concepts of reflection and duality. Every aspect of duality has been addressed through the application of color, shape and line.

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Throughout my career I have continued to explore the figure in both a traditional and contemporary style, as well as abstraction. I feel that each direction informs the other and keeps my work fresh.


2017 marks my seventh year of leading art tours in Russia. In August 2017 I will be offering two art tours: Art Lover's Tour and Artists Workshop & Tour. The 2017 Art Lover's Tour will be seven days of exploring the rich art and culture of St. Petersburg and its vicinity.  The 2017 Artists Workshop & Tour explores the art in both Moscow and St. Petersburg for ten days, while giving artists some time to paint on location.

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Exploring the concepts of reflection and duality in everyday objects around our homes. Working with rich color and pattern I reflect one object to give life to completely new image.

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Color and emotion have always been a large part of my paintings. Each painting is like a sonnet, I am searching for an inner spiritual feeling that I can translate onto a canvas.

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