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"I have dedicated over a decade of my life to writing articles, lecturing and studying Russian and European art. I created Musings-on-Art.org in order to share my articles and the beautiful artwork I have found with the public." – Cathy Locke

Writing and lecturing about art is a big part of my art practice. I am the editor-in-chief of Musings-on-art.org. I have also been published by numerous publishers including: Palgrave Macmillan, the Military History Quarterly and American Arts Quarterly. And, I am currently writing a book on Russian art!  I have been hired by various organizations to lecture on Russian art and culture. In 2017, I was hired by the San Francisco Public Library System to do a lecture series for its branches in Marin County. In 2009, I founded Russian Art Tour and lead tours of the artwork in Moscow and St. Petersburg; where I had the pleasure of lecturing on both Russian and European art.

For the past decade I have set aside time each month to study and write about artists. My article Decoding Matisse’s Color shifted my approach to color intensity. Mikhail Vrubel – The Mystic Painter changed my thinking toward concept and technique. All this leads to new discoveries in my own art practice.



Musings on Art is a resource on art by artists from around the world. Artists share inspiring videos and articles about art.  This online magazine includes a bookstore filled with books on artists, art movements, history and resource books. I also sell fine art paintings from award winning international artists, as well as limited edition prints.


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